четвер, 28 січня 2010 р.

Sign a petition-make it KYIV

Make it K-Y-I-V!

Dear New York Times,

Do you see any difference between The Nueva York Times and The New York Times?

It’s the same as the difference between Kiev and Kyiv.

Correct transliteration of Ukrainian geographic names doesn’t make a lot of difference to the average Joe. But to thousands of your readers — readers of Ukrainian heritage in America, Canada, Britain and Australia — it does.

The governments of these countries have already switched from the Russian (Soviet) transliteration to the Ukrainian (post-Soviet) transliteration. This trend reflects a UN policy that promotes indigenous geographic names.

Your articles largely rely on the Ukrainian (post-Soviet) transliteration: Lviv (not Lvov), Ternopil (not Ternopol), Kharkiv (not Kharkov), etc. Kiev is the notable exception.

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